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V1.3 UPDATE (July 12, 2022)

  • Added more details on the highway scene to make it more realistic
  • Added brightness slider in options
  • Added more effects in audio to enhance the atmosphere
  • Added more thrill in the game
  • Added center aim and optimized object detection for more accurate world interaction
  • Increased player movement speed
  • New simple design of game options
  • Changed the ending scene to understand more about the story 
  • Player spawns closer to the main scene
  • Fix the unbalanced audio when making an adjustment in volume setting
  • Bug Fixes

Check out more of the changes in the game!


False Awakening is a horror game consists of different stories inspired by urban legends and superstitious beliefs that tell different stories of 'Life beyond Death' and every episode has a different gameplay and game mechanics to enjoy.


Episode 1: Lost Soul  

A short horror game based on urban legend in a specific place here in my country. The plot was based on actual stories from the residents and witnesses I interviewed before making this game. 

First-person psychological adventure. A little girl is trying to get home from school while looking for her mom. Find out her story!

Key Features:

Short Narrative Exploration:  Unravel every details of the past and experience the perspective of the protagonist with ambiance and narrative exploration.

Film Effect: Simulate chromatic effect to enhance horror experience.

Psychological Horror:  You are alone and lonely, but it feels like someone is watching you. Is it your mom?. Keep going to find out what happens.

I hope you guys enjoy! I hope you like this game.

This game is the first game I ever made. You might experience errors or bugs on other devices because I was using only potato laptop. If you encounter these, don't forget to report it to me to make this game a lot better. You can also suggest game content for future episodes.

Every downloads helps me support my medical needs and helps me upgrade my device , so that I could make better games and more. Any kind of support is highly appreciated!. Thanks!

Contact Me: dreamillustrationarts@gmail.com

Support Me:


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I though the game was pretty good. The main issue I had was that there was no setting for brightness and the game was super dark. Other than that it was fun.

I liked the twist. I do wish the walking speed was a little faster.

love the game thank you